Album Ryukyu-India

“Tinsagunu hana” a folk song of Okinawa.
Performed by Omsenkyo project on Digital Concert Series.

Presented by Embassy of India Tokyo.

Omsenkyo are formed by Satomi Kano and Wataru Kousaka.

Omsenkyo project is a world music project with Arindam Chakravarty.

About Satomi’s instruments


About Wataru’s instruments


omsenkyo, also known as 音旋響, is a musical unit that creates blissful compositions inspired by the movements of the planets in our solar system. Their melodies evoke the tones and rhythms of the celestial bodies as they orbit the sun, creating a cosmic, immersive sound experience. With a focus on the universal resonance of the Om, omsenkyo’s music connects listeners to the sound of the universe itself. Join them on a sonic journey that reminds us that we are all interconnected and part of something much larger than ourselves.

Listen to “rinriver-ambient-remix-for-meditation” & “Kuh” on soundcloud.