Quantum field music?

We were amazed by the idea of modern physics that human consciousness affects our material world.Our mission is to make everybody resonated by good vibration. Because we know it purifies one’s consciousness.

TROPICAL – Omsenkyo

Mix roots tropical rock!.

Satomi Kano on singing-ring / zanmai-kin.
Wataru Kousaka on sanshin.
Arindam Chakravarty on tabla.

Released by : Quantum Field Music

Vortex – zenβrain

Alternative form of Omsenkyo, with electronic sound features Satomi Kano on Singing-ring.

TATSUMI – Omsenkyo

TATSUMI 2020 remaster.

Authentic instrumental music but the combination of the sound of the drone and the various strings, and also the pedals make it unique.