[ Sarod is ]

One of traditional stringed instruments from India.

There are several kinds but basically has a metal finger board and sheep or goat skin on wooden body. And it’s neck and body are curved from one piece of thick wood.

It has four main strings for melody, and six open strings to keep same tones continuously, plus fifteen of sympathetic strings.

[ Modification ]

The Esarod is designed by Wataru Kousaka in Okinawa Japan.

Wataru worked with two artisans in Okinawa. One had replaced goat skin into spruce board decorated with Italian rosetta on the sound hole, then set under saddle pick-up.

another one shortened the head and change the big wooden pegs into guitar pegs.

It also has a thicker string for the bass sound in D.

[ The playing tecnique ]

Is quite different from traditional one. For example, a sarod would be plucked by a plectrum witch is made of coconut shell, but the Esarod should be plucked by a finger nail. also the slapping technique with a thumb is required to make power full bass sound.

It is also played by the erfu bow.

Since it’s electrified, it’s been played on loops, then the melodies from both plucked and bowed become harmony.

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