Omsenkyo project has began in India!.

Text by Wataru Kousaka.

I met him in October 2015, at the yoga & music festival in Okinawa.
We performed together on the stage with many other musicians, I couldn’t see him from my side of the stage.
But, when I improvised the solo, his tabla got in like a lightning.

*Photograph of Arindam Chakravarty taken at the studio vibrations in Kolkata, during the recording of Omsenkyo project.

After the show, we went back to the hotel room where we shared. Satomi was also there so we played my compositions together just for us. It was a magical moment.

Then, after three years of preparation, we at last visited India to record several tunes with him.
It was very tight schedule, that we only had two days for the recording, but we managed six compositions.

*I played sanshin and Esarod by both plucked and bowed.

*Satomi played singing-ring and zanmai-kin.

we are on the process, Omsenkyo project has just began!.

War divides, music connects.

I and my partner Satomi went to the conference in Tokyo.
To see Laura Hassler speaking.
She is the director of Musicians without Borders.

When we performed in Amsterdam in last June, there was a lady who decided to take our personal treatment after the show.
Then she introduced us to The organization. She told me she liked our music and treatment very much. So I think she wants to share the experience.

However, it was a great timing for us to invite Laura for our private session this time. We offered her on the second day in Tokyo at the hotel in Shinjuku.

The treatment session by super rich over tone of the singing-ring and seamless melodies of the grand sarod of mine.
After body and mind got soaked in the calmness, Satomi starts quantum field tuning to get rid off the vibration of traumas and/or put the future vision.

Everyone just got into altered state of consciousness immediately in very positive way.
And totally loses sense of time during the session.

Today, she looked very fit and healthy even she had long flight from Amsterdam. And had worked hard everyday.

We also hope to make peace in the world with music. By concert and personal session.

“War divides, music connects”
by Laura Hassler

We are Omsenkyo.

Hi I’m Wataru Kousaka.

Omsenkyo is an unique musical group, formed by a therapist Satomi Kano and a musician my self.

Satomi mainly plays singing-rings witch is made for the sound healing. She has been giving several kinds of treatments including singing-ring sound healing.

The melodies of Esarod which I play, sympathize the emotions. The drone of the singing-ring vibrates every piece of your cells deeply from the cores. Then what happens during the concert?. You’d better check by your self.

But, I can tell you that when I saw people after the concert, they all look so relaxed and smile like babies.

The second album by Omsenkyo “RASHIN” is on the web shop now!
Music shop

You’d like to listen to it, don’t you?. OK!.

Here you can take a listen to the one of the tunes from the album RASHIN on my soundcloud for free!.
Rin-river ambient remix

It fits meditation and yoga very much. Let me suggest if I may.