Avatars in web3 and three dimensional world ~ interview with MR.WATARU_NFT

Text by Ramachandra

You probably use an avatar in SNS, but can you believe that your self is an avatar in the real world for entire life. According to the latest research of MR.WATARU_NFT. Here is a brief interview with him.

“Hello, MR.WATARU_NFT. Could you tell me about your theory, please.”

“The idea is that the avatar you use in SNS is also very fundamental part of your self. For example, you have very good name for example Mr.Ramachandra, may I talk about it?.”



“Thank you, Your name Ramachandra can be seen in the Indian literature called ‘The Ramayana’. By that book, Ramachandra is an avatar of the lord Vishnu. It means that the spirit of lord Vishnu came down to the earth as Ramachandra from the world of gods . Actually, the word avatar means that in Hindi.’

“Wow, you know quite much about Indian culture, but no wonder because you play the sarode. Ok, please keep going.”

“If so. An avatar has an original self in the world of gods, like we just sit in front of the laptop and move the avatar in web3. That should be the one that has been known as a higher self.”

“That’s interesting. But if that’s correct, the higher self can have several avatars on earth, just like what we do in SNS. Right?.”

“Exactly, lord Vishnu has several avatars. Ramachandra is the seventh avatar of Vishnu. So there should be six of them other than you.”

“Is that right?, you mean that I have my avatar brothers in this world?. ”


“Why not?. By the way, the kanji of my name Wataru, describes how the moon across the sky. I think Ramachandra also the name relates to the moon. And hey, we are wearing the same shirts.”

“Correct. What a coincidence!”

“Do you think it’s a coincidence!. Look! we are at the same coordinate at the same time!, it means!.”

“It means!?”

“Oh my god!”


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Wataru Kousaka