“The path of instruments and the way music goes”

I play several musical instruments. Let’s say, I’ve been so much attracted by stringed instruments like Japanese shamisen, Okinawan sanshin, Indian sarod, guitar, Vietnamese mono cord, K’ny, Taisyo-goto and so on. I also work with the artisans to modify or make the instruments. The most favorite of mine is Esarod.

I couldn’t stop fixing an album when I got an idea. So, Ive had published more than thirty albums by my self in about a decade, don’t you think that’s quite big amount of numbers?. Well, from 2002 to 2012. I felt like sharing my ideas with each instrument. The instruments poked me and the ideas came up. I’ve traveled to see traditional instruments in Asia and Europe at some museums and shops. I’ve also often visited artisans.

Every time I see, I touch and play an instrument, it makes me feel so connected to the musicians in the history. If I play sarod, I can feel Indian musicians and artisans who dedicated their feelings to the music. When I play instruments such as K’ny and Dan Tre from Vietnam, I can imagine how Austronesian people traveled from Taiwan through Philippines to Vietnam.

I’m always on “The path of instruments and the way music goes”


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